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Five Advantages Of Products

  • The enterprise has a professional team of product development, research and management.
  • Copper products are produced with high-quality copper and meet the requirements of national standard gb18145-2014.
  • The production requirements of the products are flexible, and can be customized according to the customer's requirements.
  • The product production craft is exquisite, has the certain collection value.
  • Reasonable price, exported to domestic and foreign markets.

Product Details

1. The incense burner was carefully designed before making, including: modeling design, pattern design, color drawing design, packaging design, etc. 2. The incense burner is made of brass through casting, finishing, carving and other processes. The wall of the incense burner is thick and heavy. The surface treatment of the incense burner is divided into: natural color series, antique series and carving series. 3. The texture is delicately depicted and the modeling curve is graceful, which makes people fall in love at first sight and cannot be put down. The unique craftsmanship adds dynamic beauty to the bronze ware. 4. Incense burner is suitable for: plate incense, thread incense, incense seal and tower incense. Suitable for bedroom, study, tea room, office, hotel and other places. 5. All the utensils in the literary room, the stove is the first utensil, and the literati love it well. Boil a pot of mellow spring tea, taste a wisp of aroma, admire a stove of good utensils, be stable and generous, have a carefree ancient charm, and inherit a culture.

Taizhou Xunfei Metal Products Co., Ltd.

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